Off Center Crowdsourcing: Garage Edition

We’ve made some good exterior demo progress (we’ll have another post up about that soon), and our new garage will be going up this week. So it’s time to make the first real set of decisions that will impact the finished look and feel of our home. You might think there isn’t much to decide when building a garage. You would be wrong. Joe and I spent the better part of our 3-hour road trip this weekend talking about shingle color, siding color, how to orient the roof, windows, garage door style, and exterior door styles… And we’re still on the fence about a few of those things. So we thought we’d pose some of our questions and thoughts to our friends on the Interwebs and see what ya’ll think. So here it goes…

First…the before:

The old garage sat on the west side of the property, behind the house. The doors were oriented facing south, with no driveway leading up to it. It was pretty rotted out – but even if it were a usable garage – there was a big tree in front of the doors (just out of the frame of pictures above) so it wasn’t a place we could actually park our cars.

Now…the after:

The old garage has been torn down (along with the back porch and another small shed), leaving the original 24′ x 24′ concrete pad.

IMG_0085 (1)

A little bit of history etched in the garage floor. The Austins built the garage in 1980.


The concrete is in pretty good shape, so we decided to keep the garage in the same spot, but will orient the doors facing west so that we can pull in from the alley that runs just behind the house.


You can see the entire back yard and alley that runs behind the house here. There’s a pile of rubble in the way, but the kids are playing on the edge of the concrete pad for the garage.

I’ll start with our biggest questions:

Should we have a two single garage doors or one double door?

We’re looking at something like the Pella Carriage House style.

One double door would be a little cheaper, but we’re talking about hundreds of dollars not thousands. So price won’t be our primary factor. We think the double door may have a more old-fashioned look, and it may be convenient to be able to open one large wide door rather than having a split opening. It’s also one less operating mechanism/remote to break. But will our cars be too close together? Or do two doors look better?

Windows or no windows?

No windows is cheaper and offers more privacy. And we don’t really use our garage as a workshop often, so I’m not sure we need the extra natural light. But will it look bad from the street to have a long garage wall to break it up or add visual interest?

A few other things we have to decide:

  1. How will we orient the roof? Will it peak above the garage doors and slope to either side (like the original garage), or should the peak be oriented so that the roof slopes down toward the garage doors?
  2. What color should the shingles be? We’ll have to use the same color on the roof for the bump out on the back of the house, so this is a big decision. I’m leaning toward something like Heritage Black Walnut. (If it helps, the garage color will be something close to Sherwin-Williams Birdseye Maple.)

Our subcontractor is almost ready to start building the garage, so we have to finalize these decisions within the next day or two…the clock is ticking. So tell us what you love (or hate) about your garage.


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