It’s already been a productive week at the Off Center Revival. Basement work is going strong (more on that in a future post), and we decided to go ahead and finish tree/shrub removal to get them out of the way for building the garage and other future exterior work. So there are 4 big maple trees in various stages of removal on the property (don’t worry tree lovers – there are still 4 maples, a walnut, & an oak tree left…a LOT of mature trees on our corner lot).


Somehow, getting rid of all these trees and shrubs makes the house seem a little…straighter. And notice that the front porch has been taken down so that it can be repaired & rebuilt!

In the front, there were two maples on the northeast corner of the property. There’s still a bit left of one, shown in this picture. The other maple in front, and the oak next to it ¬†(outside the frame of the pic) will stay.


Probably the the largest tree we removed was the big maple in the back, between the house and where the garage will be. We went back and forth on that one, but it was growing at sort of an awkward angle on an incline and was right where we plan to have some patio space and landscaping. Getting rid of this tree will open up that area and make building the garage much easier.


The yard is starting to feel really big!

On the south side of the house, there were two maples fairly close together. We kept one and got rid of the other. There’s a gorgeous walnut at the southwest corner of the house. I’ve got my eye on that for a really cool swing (maybe something like this).

There are still two small maples near the back of the property line, too. They’ll stay for now, although we may eventually get rid of one. Joe has his eye on the other one for a tree house for the boys!


Close-up of the stump on the south side of the house. It kind of looks like a heart. Awww…


Until next time…

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