The not-so-scary basement

Hey! Remember that really scary basement?

The one with the rickety steps; full of mud and water and debris and hangy-down crud* everywhere?


You probably don’t remember because this is the only picture I got. Seriously. I wouldn’t even go down there. But I’ll take Joe’s word for it.


Well now it’s not so scary anymore!



Except this one thing…


This is the main support beam that runs under the length of the house. It’s sagging. A lot.


And it’s breaking. A lot.


This is not something we didn’t know about before, but now that we can get down into the (clean, well-lit) basement and actually get a good look at it…it’s pretty scary.

So we’re bringing in the big guns!


For reference, Charlie & Bobby’s combined arm span is just a little more than 6 feet. And the concrete pad behind them is 24 feet. As my Dad would say…”that’s a big goddamn beam.”


Now they just have to get it into the basement and turned into position. As of now, it looks like the best way to do that will be to destroy cut a hole through the floor in the entry.

This is all way beyond my skill set and general knowledge, but I do know this will also involve jacking up the house. I’m reasonably sure that if we can get through this part without the house falling down, she should stay standing for at least another 133 years.

Stay tuned!

*”Hangy-down crud” is the very technical term used by our awesome basement guy, Alan, to describe** all the old wires, dirt, debris, mold, cobwebs, and other filth that was hanging from the rafters in that deep, dark, damp cellar.

**By “describe,” I mean “explain to people who think basements are scary.”


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