Good Bones

When you last saw us, interior demo had just started. It was a mess. We were six inches deep in plaster pieces with dust everywhere, holes in the floor, dumpsters on all sides, and workers throwing debris out the windows about every 30 seconds. We basically stayed out for a few days, not only because it was a full-on construction zone (and probably not particularly safe to just be poking around), but also because it was stressful. Like, “oh-my-god-what-have-we-done-this-is-an-unholy-mess-it-can-never-come-back-from-this” stressful. But the crew worked astonishingly fast and well.

And now…

If I ever lost our vision during demolition week (and I admit…I did for a minute), it’s back and better than ever. With all the carpet and wallpaper gone, lopsided fixtures removed, rotted ceilings torn out, and crumbling plaster pulled away…we can really see the skeleton of this house. And, as we expected all along…

She’s got really good bones.

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