By the Numbers

This afternoon, I got a notification.

So I opened the “Stats” tab on my WordPress app and…



Turns out we reached 100,000 views today!

I mean, I know 100,000 views is small potatoes in the vast universe of the World Wide Web. But it’s pretty crazy for a little blog we started less than two months ago, as a space for Joe and I to journal our renovation. We didn’t think many people (besides us) would actually want to read it, but figured it would be fun to have something to share with friends and family who wanted to check in from time to time. I didn’t think we’d ever get to six-digit views.

But here we are… in less than 7 weeks, almost 8,000 of you have visited over 100,000 times. So in honor of this little milestone, I decided to recap the Off Center Revival…by the numbers:

54 days since we took possession of the ¬†“haunted mansion”

Closing day!

55 perfectly intact, unbroken spindles on the 133-year-old staircase

They could use a good dusting…

3 dumpsters full of plaster pieces


Two garages

This one came down…

And this one’s going up…

Four big trees removed

For the record, that foot is a ladies size 8. It was a big tree.

Two porches (one demolished, one liberated)



1 secret cistern

Discovered under the old back porch.

3 big steel beams

These bad boys took about 5 inches of swag* out of the center of our sagging house

One mummified mammal

Possum? Raccoon? Cat? You decide!

3 boys literally swinging from the rafters

Every time we visit, I find myself screaming “THIS IS A CONSTRUCTION ZONE” at least 25 times at the top of my lungs…

14 months full of nights working on plans, crunching numbers, and discussing bids

I just hope it’s not 14 more!

Which reminds me…

I’ve got to get to work finalizing the kitchen layout…

Has anyone seen my corkscrew?

*”Swag” is the very technical term our basement guy, Alan, used to describe the fact that YOUR HOUSE IS ABOUT TO FALL DOWN.