To the window, to the wall

So two big things have been going on at the Off Center Revival:

  1. Windows
  2. Walls

(Did the post title give it away?)

Let’s start with the windows…

I’ll admit – I was skeptical about the windows. This is a debate that has raged with Joe and I since we lived in the 100-year-old Craftsman. He insisted on restoration. I insisted on replacing…

Enter Scott.

Scott is a window restoration craftsman who owns his own company, Old Time Window Repair & Restoration (he’s so old-timey he doesn’t have a website; but he did speak at the Old House Expo in KC last spring -which is pretty legit).

Not every window in the house was able to be restored. The upstairs bay had already been replaced. And the windows in the kitchen and downstairs bath will be downsized and replaced. But Scott was able to take the other 14 windows in the house and make them like new again.

Seriously, you guys. These windows seemed like complete garbage. But 133 years later, they open and close like new. Even Bobby is impressed.

The downstairs bay window and upstairs window (above the door). Like new!

Processed with Snapseed.

They basically spent an entire evening opening the window, climbing out the window, closing the window, opening the window, climbing in the window, closing the window…

Seriously – once we get the sills and trim painted and refinished…they are going to be beautiful.

I don’t say this often so listen carefully… I’m taking a deep breath…

Joe was right. I was wrong.

Now moving on to the walls…


Alan (also known as the basement guy and the header guy) is back and working on interior carpentry. They’re pretty much done with the upstairs at this point. And I have to say, it’s really, really, REALLY exciting to see our two-dimensional floor plan come to life.

As usual, it’s really difficult to capture in photographs. But I’ll try to walk you through it (referring back to our floor plans may help)…


This is the master bedroom. We’ve dropped a wall across the length of the room (about 20 feet) to create a 6 x 8  walk-in closet and a 6 x 12 master bathroom. Here, you see the closet door opening (it will be a pocket door) and the studs for the wall.


Another look at the doorway to the master closet. Because of the shape of the room, I couldn’t get a good pic showing where the bathroom door will be…


…but I did get to stand at the far wall and take a picture into what will be the bathroom (foreground) and closet (background). Eventually, my big tiled shower will be sitting right where that saw is.


This is the existing upstairs bedroom, on the northwest corner of the house. It will be the boys’ bathroom, including a laundry closet. The 3×5 laundry closet is framed in here. The plan is to stack our front loaders, install shelving and perhaps a cabinet/countertop, and bifold doors. Directly to the left will be a 5-foot shower for the boys. Their toilet and double vanity will be on the opposite wall.


Looking back into the bathroom/laundry, from the middle bedroom.


The hardest thing to photograph is the boys’ bedroom closets. Basically, we are borrowing about 3 feet from one of the bedrooms to add to the boys’ closets. This will create a small walk-in closet (roughly 5 1/2 feet square) for each bedroom. They are started but not quite complete in this picture.

Now all that’s left to complete, on the interior carpentry side, is the kitchen floor and walls.

Once that’s done, we’ve got HVAC, electric, and plumbing contractors ready to go…


Stay thirsty, my friends.



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