Now take it to the floor

It was looking a little dicey for awhile…

But now we have a KITCHEN FLOOR!

From the living room, looking through the dining room and into the kitchen.

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Southwest corner of the kitchen.

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Northeast corner of the kitchen.

This is a really big deal, because it also means our interior framing is DONE!

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In the kitchen facing north. The opening on the left will be a little mud room/drop zone. The floor has super-secret trapdoor to the basement. The opening on your right will be for a pocket door leading into a full bathroom. ¬†Someday, there’ll be a wall of pantry cabinets between those two doors…

With any luck HVAC installation will start by the end of the week, followed by plumbing and electrical, then sheet rock and plaster.We’re also working on reframing/replacing the windows that couldn’t be restored, and coming up with some solutions for doors.

Our ambitious goal is to have this baby walled in and sealed up before we ring in 2017.


Think we’ll make it?

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