Framing and HVAC and plumbing – Oh my!

I know our posts have slowed down lately. But never fear!* There’s been a lot happening at the Off Center Revival…


Interior framing is nearly finished. More importantly, it’s finished enough that we’ve been able to bring in our next group of contractor.

HVAC has been installed…


Furnace and air handler in the basement.


Duct work and a vent in the upstairs hall.


More duct work  under the dining room floor. If you can believe it, our hardwood floor folks say this floor can be saved! Can’t wait for that “before & after” post…


Vent in the kitchen floor. This will actually be under the cabinets with a toe-kick grate.


Basement duct work. Remember our new kitchen floor? That’s what it looks like from underneath!


Basement ductwork and floor (for scale, Joe stands almost exactly 6-feet tall).  He was checking the level-ness of the kitchen floor very scientifically by walking from one end to the other and seeing if he got hit in the head by any of the floor joists. Turns out it’s pretty level (no head injuries!). Nice job, framers.

We’ve done the walk-through with the plumbers. They started delivering supplies last week, and will get started on the work this week.


Plumbing supplies! A little leafy since they were in the front yard for a day or two. Left: Stand-up shower stall for the boys’ bathroom upstairs. Right: Tub-shower combo for the downstairs bath.


More plumbing supplies!

We also ordered kitchen appliances, finalized a lighting plan with our designer, and done a complete walk-through with our electrician…he’ll be ready to go in a few weeks.

Also working on doors AND getting the remaining windows (those that weren’t repaired) framed so we can replace them and get the house sealed up before winter gets nasty…

Slow. And. Steady.

*Ironically, sometimes the more we have going on with the house, the less I write about it…because we’re busy with the house and I have less time to write about it. Blogging takes a lot more time than it seems like it should. And during the academic year, when I am working full-time, I generally don’t even try to keep all the balls in the air. I just try to make sure I drop the right ones.  Blogging gets dropped first. But I keep trying…

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