Fifty shades of greige

Last week was our last “big” meeting with the designer. We will likely consult with her on a few design elements (furniture, window treatments, etc) around move-in time. But her work is (mostly) done as we made our final finish selections last week.

It’s really kind of exciting…

Here’s a little peek at our overall palette (paint color, tile, and countertops):

Almost all of our paint colors (with the exception of the kitchen cabinets, which will be light gray – “Coventry Gray” to be exact), laid on top of a faux-marble wall tile.

Paint colors with some floor tile (top) and wall tile (bottom).

Are you noticing the gray on greige on gray theme here?

Tile boards with all of our tile selections and paint chips.

So while the final paint and tile selection process is super-exciting, I’ve also been feeling super-frustrated. We still don’t have walls.  At least not the drywall ones. I swear to god, we’ve been thinking we were “a few weeks from walls” since December. But every time we think we’re this close…we find out there’s just one more thing we have to do before sheetrock.

And then the sheetrock guy we had lined up to start this week bailed on us just today (a renovation like the Off Center Revival isn’t for everyone…including this guy as it turns out). After some momentary panic, we were able to lock in our back-up sheetrock guy (who was actually our first-choice sheetrock guy, but we were trying to save a few thousand bucks…should’ve known better). Back-up first-choice sheetrock guy says he can get his crew up here and started on Monday (a week from tomorrow). Original sheetrock guy was supposed to start Thursday. So we won’t lose much time.

History would tell me that “walls next Monday” actually means “walls in June.” But I decided to be an optimist and assume that we really *will* have walls next Monday. So I’ve been working on some panoramic shots of the naked rooms for some last major “before” pics.

Because, you guys…I feel like the pics that come after that will finally start to fall into the “after” category.

I’ll have a post with those shots, as well as our overall vision for each room, in the next few days.

Stay tuned!


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