Are we there yet?

You guys.

Today was a big day.

A very big day.

The kind of day you don’t know is going to be big. It’s only big in hindsight.

Today was the day that Travis and his crew at Stonescapes finished our landscaping.

Even though I am sick with the worst virus ever and didn’t get out of bed all day…I got out of bed for this. So for all of you cool peeps in town who were driving by and honking and waving and giving me a thumbs up this afternoon…there was not a photographer zombie in my yard. It was just me. And if you knew it was me but were worried because I looked like the walking dead… I think I’ll be okay, thanks for asking, but I do feel like I might die.

But I did take these pictures and am writing this blog post because sometimes you DIG DEEP BECAUSE YOU UNDERSTAND IT’S A BIG DAY.

I’ll let the zombie pictures speak for themselves…and I can’t help but including some true “before” images. As in…before we actually paid actual real money to buy this place (the fact that we did might actually be more shocking than the transformation).

South side




East side



North/Northeast side




West side




Big day.

In fact, even though we still have a tiny bit of paint and exterior work left…

…and we didn’t have quite enough left in the budget to sod the whole yard, so we seeded some of the less-traveled areas and won’t have real grass over the whole yard until spring…

…it kind of felt like we crossed the finish line today.

Mark it down.

November 6, 2017.