Hurry up and wait

So things have been quiet on the blog lately…because things have been quiet at the house lately.

If we were categorizing the renovation into phases, I’d say we wrapped up the first phase (we’ll call it Operation: Make the House Not Fall Down) in early August. This was right as we were leaving for a 9-day vacation, and we didn’t really want any substantive work going on while we were out of town. So we sort of let things come to a natural stopping place before we left.

Operation: Make the House Not Fall Down. Complete.

So what now?

Time to move on to Phase 2. We’ll call it Operation: Make the House Livable.

Operation: Make the House Livable begins with framing. We got a few framing bids & picked our framing guy. So we’re ready for him to get started as soon as he can, but he’s wrapping up other work before he can get to us. Once framing is done, it will be time for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical (in that order). We’ve met with at least one subcontractor in each of these areas and are working through those bids now. I think we’ll have it all lined up within the next 1-2 weeks.

We’ve met with the guy who will do the window restoration, but he’s booked out a couple of months out so it will be a bit before that work gets started. Our friend and master welder, Kraig, is working on repairing the trim (most people are surprised, but the trim is all metal). And I just got 5 amazing design concepts from our landscape architect (I’ll post about that soon), so we’ve been poring over those trying to decide on a landscaping plan.

Operation: Make the House Livable. Ready to begin.

So, over the last two weeks or so, not much has happened at the Off Center Revival. But a lot is happening. With any luck, by the end of September, Operation: Make the House Livable will be in full swing.